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If you are looking for cheap, but also nice and clean accommodation in this city, we are you best bet.

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The more you stay the less you pay

  • Traveling solo 650 CZK per night

    Our smallest rooms are for 3, so if you’ll stay there alene you will have tons of space.

  • Party of 2 425 CZK/person/night

    Work or leisure for 2? Most of our rooms are literally designed for 2 people.

  • Group or party 385 CZK/person/night

    Apartments for parties of 3+ come with the guarantee of best price in city.

  • Family Email us for price

    Kids will get you a discount, or you have baby we have a crib and all the necessary accessories.

  • Spouses or couples Email us for price

    Two of you love each other and you are looking for romantic stay? We got you covered.

  • Custom Email us for price

    Looking to stay in Ustí for a month? Longer? You have any other special needs?

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and its facilities and equipment

  • Main Room

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

650CZK1 guest


Room best suited for two plus optional one extra bed. Bathroom is equipped with shower and 2 sinks, so you save sweet extra time cleaning your teeth in the morning. Room in romantic style is mainly suited for couples, but if you are just work buddies, it will accommodate you just fine.

  • Main Room

  • Bedroom

  • Dining Room

850CZK2 guests


The biggest suite we have can accommodate 6-8 guests. Ideal for group of traveling friends or family, who want to sit together in afternoon. Featuring huge dinning room and kitchen, bathroom, big LCD TV with cable, own WiFi and cable internet.

  • Overview

  • Night time

  • Work table, cabinets

1150CZK3 guests


Wooden locust floors in tones of palisade with simple spacious cabinets. This functional room is great for guest looking to work, or stay for longer periods of time. There is room for 3 guests, one king sized bed with one extra bed.

  • Bedroom

  • Kitchen

  • Bathroom

650CZK1 guest


Rather unusual room, fitted into what disposition of house allowed. The room has separated, small, yet cozy bedroom. Entrance to the is from it’s own kitchen. With own bathroom, the whole room is only 44 square meters.

  • Main Room

  • Work table

  • Dining Room

850CZK2 guests


Most secluded and private suite in our B&B with generous 72m2, completely renovated new kitchen and heaps of space for luggage, shoes and clothes. Rooms are far from any other suites – guests have 100% privacy for work or leisure.

  • Main bed

  • Overview

  • Separated kitchenette

650CZK1 guest


Small fully accessible room for 3 guests with bigger enterance hall with massive wooden beams supporting the house creates cozy atmoshepere. Since this room is handicapped friendly, we also allow (not only service) pets here.

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Our guests said:

  • Fashionably furnished rooms, outgoing personnel and host, option to accommodate a pet and only a minute from city center.

    Petra Zubatá wrote her review on facebook


Few lines about our hotel, and why we run it

Why you should stay with us?

  1. Price. We strive to provide best possible accommodation that is also cheap.
  2. Center of the city. 5 minute from the city center, baker, or number of local pubs and restaurants.
  3. Fast Internet. 2 redundant connections to the Internet with speed of 30mb/s, WiFi covering whole hotel.
  4. Satellite TV mostly Czech, Slovak and of course few English channels.
  5. Parking. We pay the city for 4 reserved parking spots, if they are full public parking is only 50m away.
  6. Spacious Rooms. Forget about hobit sized hotel rooms, we offer you space.
  7. Work table thing that you will rarely find in any hotel is at our guests disposal in every room.
  8. Kitchen and dining rooms all suites are equipped with microwave, el. kettle, dishes and cutlery.
  9. Security. Building is accessible only for quests and perimeter is secured with cameras.
  10. Conference room. If you need to meet and work, we’ll happily provide you with a room for just that.
  11. Stylish rooms. Walls are decorated by slightly provocative works of Tchekirov.
  12. Tidiness. We completely clean the room after every guest, just like in hotel.
  13. Allergic friendly. Mattress, bed-linen, carpets. Everything was purchased with allergic folks in mind.
  14. Bed-linen made from Egyptian cotton by German company KAEPPEL.
  15. Dogs and cats welcome! We have dog ourselves and we understand the love for your little friends.
  16. Bike and pram storage, made especially for guests that want to discover the region on bike.
  17. Garden behind the house during summer our guests can utilize the grill, or just chill outside.
  18. Moms with small kids can borrow crib, or other equipment for the smallest humans (baby-bath, dryer…).
  19. We have our own ghost, and we named our small hotel after him. Read full story in Czech.

Owner invitation

Majitelka penzionu Komtesa.For typical chain hotel you just a work. For us, you are trully a guest. Read about my values, and why I decided to go into hospitality industry 10 years ago. Read the whole story in Czech.

Still not conviced?

I guess we can offer bit more


Laundry Room

Appliance to borrow

Storage for Bikes

Tourist attractions

Interesting places you might want to visit while you stay

Walking distance

450 square meters big mosaic
Just 2 minutes of walking separetes you from one of the biggest mosaics in Europe. Made by Miroslav Houra in late eighties, this work of art decorates the municipal building. It is made of several thousands of pieces. Interestingly enough, there is no communist symbolism portraired on this grand piece, even though Czech republic was under heavy influece of Russia back then. To get communist of his back, author added huge inscription saying “Power in Czech republic belongs to the working-class people”. This bacame unnecessary when democracy arrived and all, so the author covered the inscription with white-ferryman-house with, representing his home village from Sázava. Miroslav Houra died in 2006.
Church with most leaning tower in EU
Just like most promininet towns in Czechia, Ústí nad Labem has a church in the center of the city. This particular roman-catholic church, dedicated to ascesion Virin Marry, was build as early as 1318 by German colonialist (go figure), then destroyed by Hussites only to be renovated for 40 years in 1450. Today’s visual appearance is a result of gothic revival renovation, that took place early in 19th century. The tower in unintentionaly most leaning church tower in Europe, not because someone wanted to made it more attractive for turrist, but because it was hit by a german bomb by the end of World War II. 65 meters high tower leans over for 2 meters, which might not seem as much, but it also had to host the biggest bell of the county (diamter 165cm). Name of the bell is Suzan, if you want to know. Here is wiki page, and a video.
Building with weird elevator
If you continue your walk from the church mention above for few minutes, you will eventually come across Splochemie administration building. Construction finished in 1930 and with its 44 meters, it was the tallest building in Czechoslovakia. Splochemie was an association for chemical and metallurgical manufacturing and its higly practical architecture was inspired by administrative complexes in Hamburg, Germany. Building dominates the city skyline ever since and you can find one of the world’s few, fully working original paternoster elevators inside. Enterance is guarded by sculptures made by Hugo Lederer (1871-1940) and it shows off modern Czech pre-war architecture (albeit, Czechs were kind off heavily inspired by Germans back then).
Unfortunate city museum
In first 10 years of existence the museum was moved 8 times. When city finally gave museum it’s own building in 1914, it was destroyed during first World War. Then it moved to chateu donaded by rich enterprenial family of Wulfrums, only to be moved again… this moving thing continued to 2011, when with the help of European fonds the museum settled at one place… just a few minutes from our hotel. Adding to flustration the museum has mostly document in it’s repository and the quality of your visit is higly dependant of the current exhibition. You can read more about the history and current exhibits on offical website.
Summer cinema for 3500 guests
City’s summer cinema is 5 minutes from us, which might sound surprising, but it is also a city park, so it makes sense. Make no mistake, this is not just small adjustment made in the park to make the cinema possible. If you are among the guests you’ll notice that there is not single post or tree in a way of a screen. 3500 people can hide under the roof in case of rainy weater under the biggest amphitheatre in Czechia. If you are wondering, how 3,4ha of real estate in center of the city stayed untouched for so long, the answear is indented ground, possible land slides and restrictive legal politics. Main enterance to the forest park is from Churchill street, where rich people used to live. Today, manisions are used by city for range of social clubs. Anyway, summer cinema has lots going on during summer, so if you have good weather during your visit, check out the schedule.

On bike or by car

Střekov Castle
If you enter Ústí nad Labem, you will notice big ass rock and the castle on the top of it overlooking the city. Same as our B&B, they have their own ghost, but ours is better. Even though the castle might not look like much, it is well preserved under visible ruins and it offers amazing view of the surrounding mountains “České středohoří”. If you want to reward yourself with a beer or a cake after a climb here, there is a restaurant opened most of the year. You can see opening hours and current events held there on official website in english, or you might want to check the wiki
Průčelská Gully
On the right shore of Labe, close to the Ústi nad Labem, between villages Brná and Nemčí lies Průčelská gully. The waterfall that made this gully is rather small and hardly accessible. Although combined height is around 48 meters, with best of luck you can see 15. Combine this fact with low flow rate of the stream, and you might probably guesses that this is not really a huge tourist magnet. On the flip side the walk around here is tranqill and calming – see of rocks made by slow errosion is adding to the atmospehere. Our article about the place on blog.
One of the smallest castles in CZE
Looking at the offical website of the castle, there is nothing much in english there either, so I guess I will just translate what is there. Here it goes. State-caste Velké Březno is one of the latest built castles in country. Made in 1943 for the higest burgrave of Czech kingdom, earl Karel Chotek from Chotkovo. It is one of the smallest, and most charmig castles with luxurious interiers. Castle garden is english style park with number of rare trees and bushes, all very uncharacteric, compated to other regional landscape. There is a wedding hall inside the castle, so you can get married on the spot if you want (hey, is is classier then Vegas). Durring summer you can attend number of events during the season. Some of the worst czech movies were made here, for example Andělská tvář (35%), Milenci a Vrazi (46%) but I bet it is not the castle’s fault.
Fieldtrip to Březňák brewery
Březnák brewery is not a micro-brewery, that are tremedously popular lately. This one is a traditional beer maker, delivering typical czech day-to-day beer suply to cizizen of Czech Republic. You can buy beer of this brand pretty much everywhere, but you can get the fresh batch only here. If you want, we can hook you up with a tour guide, so you can take a closer look at the production process from hops to the final product. Brewery is opened for public during weekends, but we can arange you a private tour. Czech article going in detail is here.
ZOO in Ústí nad Labem
Founded in 1908 by Heinrich Lump, enterpretoeur and renowned ornithologist. ZOO was orinally built as bird sanctuary, named Lumpenpark. Unlike most ZOOs, this one was built on steep hillside, adding artificial cascades, waterfalls and plants. Other animals have were slowly added, deer range being second. Biggest growth was in 70. when the ZOO grew to 30ha. New pavilions were cunstructed for rhinoceros, giraffes, elephants, zebras and antelopes. Although this ZOO was not really intended to be sanctuary for endangerous species, guys here are doing pretty solid job geting some rare spieces to mate and multiply (White rhinoceros, Amur leopard, Bornean orangutan, Thorold’s deer, Dyscophus antongilii or Somali wild ass). ZOO offers range of tours and you can spend here whole day with more than 180-species and 2000 animals from around the globe. If you brave enough, you can pet some of the animals or you can just sip a beverage of your choice in any of the overpriced stands or restaurants. You can find detailed info on the official website.

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